Born in 1988 in the city of Novosibirsk. Interest in music began in childhood. When the first computer installed on it, do not play, and Dance Ejay 3 program with no musical education has always learned from their mistakes and their own experience. And so on ejey gradually moved into more complex programs, such as by Reason, Subase 3, etc ... For studying music at a deeper level. Just parallel fond DJing since the earliest Traktor Studio programs. In 2006, the first time he heard the direction of music like Techno and Minimal. It was love at first sound. And it has developed a taste for music. the artist began his career in 2015 after graduating from high school DJing «Pioneer DJ» Having played a few parties understood that playing someone else's music is boring and not interesting. And already professionally engaged in writing his own music. After half a year already go first singles of his tracks. on labels: Wild Bear Records (Moscow), Norcosis (Belgium), Pure Cocaine (Spain) and others. In 2016, the quarry is rapidly growing and gaining momentum. The novel becomes a resident Onesun Records label. As he enters the offer from the German techno musician Boris Brejcha remix his tracks and joint cooperation.

Треки Roman Depp

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Видео Roman Depp

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